Marketing through Facebook and Twitter

First it’s started with blogging as a requirement in school. Then I discovered it’s a great way of pouring what’s inside my mind. It became my passion especially when I found the ways of earning online through my posts and ads. Eventually I got hooked with different ways of earning online… And I realized I’m destined to become rich… LOL…

Recently, my email was flooded with different marketing strategies. This is because I downloaded different e-books about online marketing. And as part of their marketing strategies I have to give my email ad as subscription and as a result they continuously send me bulk of emails. Which some goes to junk because I do not have enough time to read them.

Anyway I do not have regrets in subscribing to their e-books, because all are worth reading. I really have learned a lot. One common advice I get from these e-books is to generate traffic for your site; introduce your product or services you offer, keep people buzzing and talking about it. How? Go where the crowd goes… that’s where the Social Networks come in.

  Social networks had played a great role in marketing. Two social facebooknetworks that commonly used in marketing are facebook and twitter. As of this writing, there are over 500 million active facebook user base according to its statistics. Imagine if you can tap those potential customers. That’s gargantuan! All you need to do is be visible to that 500 million users or at least 25% of the users for you to be recognize. Do the so called facebook marketing; advertise yourself, your product or services you offer.

twitter-bird2About twitter: I always heard influential personalities to follow them on their twitter. Why? Because twitter is also a powerful tool to communicate and network with people. It’s a 140 character microblogging; simple and plain! Yet don’t construe it wrong for marketing on twitter has been vastly used by millions of users in promoting goods and services. It’s where I found different opportunities to earn online and get some of my visitors - because I learned to market my blog by simply tweeting my posts.

Facebook and twitter are just two of the powerful media used in marketing I’ve mentioned. There are still several ways to get noticed first in the World Wide Web. You google it, tweet it or FB it, and you’ll discover ways to get rich through online marketing, ‘coz rich people are now busy buzzing around the net ready to help and to get even richer.


  1. so true, but sometimes people are so inconciderate in spamming other people's wall :D


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