Adventurous Sports that I’d Love to Try

A typical Filipino would really say they want to experience snow. That’s why most Filipinos abroad, during their first day of experience with snow, would really go out and feel the fluffy white snow that drops from the sky. Some will just feel it with their bare hands; other will really go out without dress at all. Like what my friend did…LOL

I remember my sister, when she had her first experience with snow, she immediately texted us, took pictures and during our chat using yahoo messenger she toured us outside their flat and shows the snow using the webcam.

Of course I envy her. I also dream to experience snow and do adventurous sports, like skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc….

Snowboarding Wallpaper 13Snowboarding (photo source)

Hmmm… Can I really do it? Those are risky sports. Watching videos on snowboarding alone would make my palm sweats. But it looks easy and really cool. It’s like flying in the sky. I’m wondering how they did it. It seems to light for them to carry their weight considering that they wear other protective gears like Burton snowboard boots.But I guess these protective gears are lightweight. And I’m really amazed on the way they landed with their snowboards and the way they manage to land and balanced their body and gracefully gliding on the snow.

Well I can only answer my curiosity if I’ll try it myself. When I reach these foreign countries with snows I would really try this exciting activity and experience to glide on snow with Burton snowboards.


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