Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dupang (Nettle Rash)

I feel so drowsy this time. Maybe because of the Cetirizin I took earlier. My whole body was itchy since yesterday and I cannot concentrate with what I am doing… besides I haven’t sleep well last night…

Rashes appeared yesterday noon after I cleaned my room. My father told me it’s “dupang” (nettle rash). I think I have allergic reaction with dust. The moment I noticed the red spot in my body, yesterday, I immediately took a bath and put ointment yet the itchiness persist. As much as possible I don’t want to take any medicine but since I’m in the office I do not have any choice but to take cetirizine just to get rid the itchiness.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am a traveler

Since child, my ultimate dream is to travel around the world. But I will explore first my country where I was born – Philippines.

For Luzon area: I’ve been in the Central Luzon I have worked there for a couple of years, Baguio City where I visited for less than 24 hours, Tagaytay – one of my favorite place and Cavite. For Visayas area: I’ve been in Cebu thrice – It is where my father was born, Bohol, and Iloilo including the Guimaras Island. And of course in Mindanao: Iligan City – where you can find the famous “Marian Kristina Falls”, Bukidnon, Cagayan, and some nearby provinces of Davao del Norte.

These are just few places that I’ve visited. And there are still many in my list! And I’m also planning to go back to my fave places like Bohol. I have read in a travel guide magazine about Bohol and I’ve seen it was really improving a lot. I’ve been there more than a decade ago.


That’s why I’m scouting for cheap airline tickets in the net. I heard that Cebu Pacific offers cheap flights for as low as Php 1.00; I don’t know how true it is. But honestly I’ve seen an offer of one way ticket anywhere in the Philippines for as low as Php 15.00. It was offered last June and the travel is good for October to November 2010. It’s a great bargain actually. Unfortunately, it was already fully booked when I opened the site. Better luck next time for me.


Photo from Google


My sister and I love to collect photos and have it scrapbooked or album. We love to reminisce moments through photos. It’s a great memorabilia that speaks a thousand words. It’s through pictures that your life be documented and can be passed from generation to generation. That’s why it’s important to print it with quality and store it well.

We have two boxes of pictures and hundreds of picture in my hard drive that still need to print, arrange and scrapbook. It was already two years stored in the boxes. And I’m worried; it might be destroyed by the moisture, dusts and some pests inside the cabinet. *sigh* I need to rearrange it and keep it in a safer box. I have to scan first the old pictures so that we’ll have a digital back-up of them and/or we can have printed like photo books.

Photo booksSample photo book


I have first seen this photo book on my cousin’s wedding last December 2008. It’s an album but I love it more because it looks like a published book, an autobiography, a memorabilia that records events. In photo book, pictures are arranged, designed, and captioned digitally, printed in a quality photo paper and bind just like books.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Burning DVD

With the advent of our information technologies comes along the birth of paperless technology. Every time a seminar is conducted in our office, participants would always ask for a soft copy. They prefer it than the hand outs given. That’s why most of the time when a seminar-training will be conducted the facilitator would always prepare soft copy in disks of the topics to be discussed.


I usually do the burning of DVDs in our office. Burning a DVD can be a tedious and time consuming especially if you are using your desktop computer. It may take several minutes of burning single DVD depending on the size of files. Usually the number of participants in a seminar-training ranges from 30-300. So sometimes it took us one to two days to burn DVDs using one desktop computer. In such case, we need DVD duplication equipment to make the job faster.

Gotmedia.com a site, recommended by my friend, offers a different type of DVD duplication equipment. How I wish our office will purchase one especially that different seminar-training is conducted in our office almost every week.

Speaking of blank DVD I almost forgot I need a dozen or more of it because I need to back up some files or store files that I rarely use but can be used as reference in the future. I have to clean the hard disk of my computer at home because of its low speed performance.


(Photo from Google)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you hate the smell of durian then don’t make any trip going to Davao these days (Specifically between month of July to September). Because from the moment you step down from airplane you’ll be welcomed with sweet pungent aroma of the king of all fruits - durian. And you can’t get rid from it because wherever you go you can see this thorny fruit along the highway or in every corner especially in the city proper of Davao and other nearby cities.

King of All Fruits

King of All Fruits

The smell of durian may like hell but I tell you it taste like heaven! My sister hated durian before…. We forced her to taste it and eventually like it. Same with my boyfriend, before, he would just look at us as we enjoyably eat the rich, buttery smooth luscious flesh of durian fruit. Curious of the taste of durian he would just join the group and eat small amount of it… and later became addicted to the fruit.

Flesh of Durian Fruit This may look gross and smell like hell but taste like heaven!

So, before you decide to back-out on your trip going to Davao… why not give your taste bud a new adventure. Try just a little amount of Durian… then try another… and try at least one flesh of whole seeds…. And eventually you’ll fell in love with this bad-odor-OH!-so-yummy-Durian!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventurous Sports that I’d Love to Try

A typical Filipino would really say they want to experience snow. That’s why most Filipinos abroad, during their first day of experience with snow, would really go out and feel the fluffy white snow that drops from the sky. Some will just feel it with their bare hands; other will really go out without dress at all. Like what my friend did…LOL

I remember my sister, when she had her first experience with snow, she immediately texted us, took pictures and during our chat using yahoo messenger she toured us outside their flat and shows the snow using the webcam.

Of course I envy her. I also dream to experience snow and do adventurous sports, like skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc….

Snowboarding Wallpaper 13Snowboarding (photo source)

Hmmm… Can I really do it? Those are risky sports. Watching videos on snowboarding alone would make my palm sweats. But it looks easy and really cool. It’s like flying in the sky. I’m wondering how they did it. It seems to light for them to carry their weight considering that they wear other protective gears like Burton snowboard boots.But I guess these protective gears are lightweight. And I’m really amazed on the way they landed with their snowboards and the way they manage to land and balanced their body and gracefully gliding on the snow.

Well I can only answer my curiosity if I’ll try it myself. When I reach these foreign countries with snows I would really try this exciting activity and experience to glide on snow with Burton snowboards.

Fresh and Green………But not Ripe!

Lansones Soon this cluster of fruits will be ready for harvest. And I can’t wait it!

I’ m so happy to see the lanzones bearing fruits. The last time it bore, early this year, was affected by El Niño. The fruits were small and when it ripens it breaks…

I remember our first harvest of lanzones fruit from our backyard, that was way back August 2008. We’re able to fill more or less two craters of lanzones fruits out from one tree. We do not sell it instead we share our blessings to the entire neighborhood.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marketing through Facebook and Twitter

First it’s started with blogging as a requirement in school. Then I discovered it’s a great way of pouring what’s inside my mind. It became my passion especially when I found the ways of earning online through my posts and ads. Eventually I got hooked with different ways of earning online… And I realized I’m destined to become rich… LOL…

Recently, my email was flooded with different marketing strategies. This is because I downloaded different e-books about online marketing. And as part of their marketing strategies I have to give my email ad as subscription and as a result they continuously send me bulk of emails. Which some goes to junk because I do not have enough time to read them.

Anyway I do not have regrets in subscribing to their e-books, because all are worth reading. I really have learned a lot. One common advice I get from these e-books is to generate traffic for your site; introduce your product or services you offer, keep people buzzing and talking about it. How? Go where the crowd goes… that’s where the Social Networks come in.

  Social networks had played a great role in marketing. Two social facebooknetworks that commonly used in marketing are facebook and twitter. As of this writing, there are over 500 million active facebook user base according to its statistics. Imagine if you can tap those potential customers. That’s gargantuan! All you need to do is be visible to that 500 million users or at least 25% of the users for you to be recognize. Do the so called facebook marketing; advertise yourself, your product or services you offer.

twitter-bird2About twitter: I always heard influential personalities to follow them on their twitter. Why? Because twitter is also a powerful tool to communicate and network with people. It’s a 140 character microblogging; simple and plain! Yet don’t construe it wrong for marketing on twitter has been vastly used by millions of users in promoting goods and services. It’s where I found different opportunities to earn online and get some of my visitors - because I learned to market my blog by simply tweeting my posts.

Facebook and twitter are just two of the powerful media used in marketing I’ve mentioned. There are still several ways to get noticed first in the World Wide Web. You google it, tweet it or FB it, and you’ll discover ways to get rich through online marketing, ‘coz rich people are now busy buzzing around the net ready to help and to get even richer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was surprised when I saw a comment in my other blog, Messages. Although it’s a sort of ads but still am happy to know that somebody stumbles  in my blog. I didn’t update the blog for a while because I do not have illustrations for the posts. I don’t want it to be purely text.

Comment My site was bookmarked (I do not know how true… LOL)

The blog, Messages, is all about my collections of forwarded messages, quotes from books that I have read, and other sayings that I love. The illustrations are drawn 100% by me. If you have time, please take a peek on my blog, Messages… I have new entry, about the Parable of the Pig and Cow

cow and pig cartoon

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I miss my room…

Since my nephew was hospitalized I have to sleep in my sister’s house to accompany her twin kids. Of course I love to be with them, it’s our bonding time. But there’s no place like home…. No room like mine.

I recently transferred from our room last June. It was my cousin who occupied it for a couple of years. Since she left, I decided to transfer there together with my niece who lived with us.

What I love most about the room is that it’s big and it’s located in the second floor of our house. The windows are wide allowing natural light to brighten our room and air to circulate inside; you know I hate air conditioned room it made me sick. If I were to decide I’d rather not put curtains in the window, aside from the natural air coming inside I also love to gaze at the stars at night. But my 12 year old niece insisted because she’s afraid of “momos”… LOL…

But with the wide windows, sleeping in our bedroom during afternoon is impossible. It is very hot especially during summer. If not hot, I couldn’t also sleep well because of the light that’s coming inside. That’ why I’m planning to buy vertical blinds so that I can control the amount of light coming in.

Currently, we are also doing some rearrangement inside the room. I am planning to buy a table, extend our cabinet up to ceiling - because I hate seeing those clutters above our cabinet. I am also planning to make a painting that will be put in the wall which serves our headboard. Mmm…. Mentioning all these makes me want to buy it instantly. But I have to control myself because I have to prioritize my other obligations.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facts About Kawasaki Disease

The doctor confirmed that it was Kawasaki Disease and told my sister to prepare Php 360,000.00 which is far from what we have expected.kawasaki Good thing my sister and her husband were able to raise enough money through their savings, friends and immediate family.

You might be a victim of Kawasaki Disease that’s why I’m posting here some information about the disease base from what I have researched in Google (MedicineNet.com, KidsHealth.org, Wikipedia) as well from our experience with our nephew.


Kawasaki disease is also referred to as Kawasaki syndrome an uncommon illness in children. It was first described in the late 1960s in Japan by the pediatrician Tomisaku Kawasaki.

Kawasaki disease occurs in 19 out of every 100,000 kids in the United States. It is most common among children of Japanese and Korean descent, but can affect all ethnic groups.


1. Persistent fever higher that 39ᵒC that will last for at least five days.

2. Reddening of the eyes

3. Rashes on some parts of the body

4. Cracked and inflamed lips and mucous membranes of the mouth,

5. Swollen palms of the hands and soles of the feet with a purple-red color

6. Swollen lymph nodes

7. May also experience joint pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting

(Marianne’s Note) Not all symptoms can be seen in the patient. In the case of my nephew, on his first four days since the rashes appeared, he only experienced joint pains; rashes from all over his body but not in his face; no rashes on his lips but he was complaining that is is dry, swollen palms and feet, he vomited twice that was on his 3rd and 4th day; his fever, which ranges from 38ᵒC - 40ᵒC, lasted for four days only. On the 5th day the rashes started to dry and peels.


The cause is not known. Microorganisms and toxins have been suspected, but none has been identified to date. Genetic factors and the immune system may play a role. (MedicineNet.com)

(Marianne’s Note) I may agree with genetic because his second degree cousin was also a victim of the disease. Environmental Factor can also be one of the factors. But still this is not yet proven…


A physical examination will demonstrate many of the features listed above.

Blood tests

Other optional tests

(Marianne’s Note) I don’t know if my nephew undergone all this tests…


Treatment should begin as soon as possible, ideally within 10 days of when the fever begins. Usually, a child is treated with intravenous doses of gamma globulin (purified antibodies), an ingredient of blood that helps the body fight infection. The child also might be given a high dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of heart problems. (Kidshealth.org)

(Marianne’s Note) As soon as the lab test result proved that it was Kawasaki my nephew undergoes immediately for the treatment. I don’t know what medicine was given to my nephew. But the dosage of the medicine given to him was computed base on his age and his weight.

(More for treatments at Wikepedia and MedicineNet.com)


It’s advantage if Kawasaki was treated earlier to prevent complications that can affect the heart. Always consult the doctor when symptoms show.


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kawasaki Disease (1)

It was exactly one week since the rashes appears on my nephew’s skin. At first we thought it was ordinary rashes, but he was also chilling due to fever. Thinking it might be dengue due to continuous fever my sister decided to confine her son in a nearby hospital.

After some lab test he undergone, the doctor told us the possibility of Kawasaki Disease. We were all dismayed with the news because it’s a rare case and the vaccines is quiet expensive. The doctor told them to prepare Php 90,000.00.

jay angelo My nephew – Jay Angelo

My sister and her husband decided to transfer into a bigger hospital. My nephew undergoes another lab tests, a more thorough one. The rashes started to dry out and his temperature is back to normal. Yet the doctors where 90% convinced that it’s a Kawasaki Disease. We’re still waiting for the result of the cultured sample blood from my nephew.


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