Back to the Old Method of Cooking

But a modernize one…

Coal Cooking

Old rice cooker turned into an improvised stove

Tatay purchased this innovated coal stove to lessen our use of LPG since price increases to almost Php 800.00 for 11 kg. LPG tank.

Coal? You might think it’s difficult to make fire on it. Well this modernize old fashion way of cooking is powered with electricity to supply the fan so you don’t have to blow manually just to make fire. The electric power used to run the fan is not that big, it won’t add a significant increase to your average consumption of electricity. Plus coal is cheaper compare to LPG gas. The only downside I can see is that it gave your pot a messy black powdery look after. So prepare your hands for cleaning.


  1. Talented naman ng gumawa rice cooker turns to coal stove :) nice one yon nga lang like what you said prepare your hands in cleaning the dust.

  2. @workingathome: Galing nga eh. brilliant talaga ang pinoy

  3. nice kalan. ganda naman n'ya old fashion na unique kasi may blower di kana maubusan ng!


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