If there’s someone who was super surprised last Christmas… then it was my father.

He jokingly announced to the family that he wanted a pair of Adidas shoes. Little did he know that my brother, his manito, really bought what he wished.


So when he opened the gift, at first, the Adidas shoe box doesn’t make sense at all. He thought it’s only the box. But when he opened it, he was really shocked. I saw his surprised face, sooo cute! If only I captured it… he didn’t expect for it.

DSC01118 DSC01120

Later he admitted that he was a little bit embarrassed. But we assure him that we would really love to give him what he want. We love him so much!!!

Well the pair of Adidas shoes is also a gift for his Birthday. Hey! New Year is also his birthday!!!

Happy birthday tatay… We love you!!!


By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. how thoughtful! i suddenly remember my dad, he's a fan of adidas superstar. happy bday 2 ur dear tatay. my dad's bday will be this jan 3rd but he passed away last nov"10

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR FATHER! am GLAD that u still have him. my father just passed away last oct. 21,2010 at the age of 87. i was there in the phils. for 2 weeks to see him for the last time.
    give ur father all ur attention and love. Parents are our most treasured assets.they are priceless.

  3. Thanks for the greetings Imriz and Faye. Happy New Year!!!

    I pray for a longer (healthier and happier) life for my father.


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