On Tatay’s Birthday

Tatay turned 71 last New Year…. and we are counting more years… we’re praying for that: longer life that is healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

On New Year’s eve we only had a cake and a bottle of wine since we’re still full out from our sumptuous dinner.


To celebrate life and New Year we attended mass at 8:00 am then proceeded to our house hopping. We took our lunch to one of our siblings. The kids prepared the candles formed into number 71. How thoughtful isn’t it?

71 Candles



With his grandchildren.

Tatay with Apos


  1. happy bday to ur dear tatay.

  2. Happy bday to your father .. 2 months from now my mother will celebrate her 70th bday.

  3. @WokingatHome: Thanks and advance happy birthday to your mom


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