Reviewing My Blog List

As I have said in previous post, my blogroll links have something to do with my PR zero. I read the message in my Google account, which I will elaborate in another post [later], that one of my pages are using techniques that are outside the quality guidelines of Google. My PR dropped the day [or maybe hours] after I linked a site in my blogroll. And I forgot what site it is. Grrr…

While waiting for the response of my request for reconsideration, I review the sites in my bloglist and have it linked in my sidebar instead of creating another page. So if you think your blog is not in my list and you believe that we have exchanged link before please leave a comment. I will check your site before I add it on my blog list.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. im not a techie, i wanna ask how could i EVER MOVED MY RANK FROM ZERO:)))

  2. hi..i hope you can add my blog to your blog list..

  3. Oh, sorry to hear about that, I think its really important to choose who to link in our site. Some spammers kasi try to xlink with us, without our knowing that their spam.I'm sure your pr will be back soon:-)

  4. @Imriz: there are many ways to improve your link. Isa na dun yung links. When other sites or bloggers link your site to their site it's already s vote or a point para tumaas ang PR mo. Check your PR at

    @Arvin: Okay I'll add your link.

    @Yen: Correct ka dyan. This time carefull na ako sa paglink. huhuh

  5. Wow, siguro what you have linked was a bad site? I'm amazed that the value of linking is well known back then (say 2011) I am blogging for 2-3 years na, I have an old blog din, but I was not taking it seriously back then. It was just recently that I'm reading blogging books. So, does that mean that putting links in pages is a bad thing? Ako wala man lang PR :D


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