Google Connects!

I’m a little apprehensive; I’m expecting a mail from Microworkers last December unfortunately until now no mail arrived. I asked my mother to visit the post office to check the mail last Friday. She texted me that she got it but when I arrived at home from work it wasn’t the mail that I’m expecting – it was from Google. I didn’t expect it because I didn’t received message from them that they send mails.

Letter from Google

Honestly when I received it my heart is leaping with joy! LOL….. Google connects!!! The letters were promotional letter of Google AdWords and my Adsense personal identification number (PIN).

When you closely look the mail it was received at the post office last September 23, 2010. And it took four months before I received it. Imagine that! Then probably the letter from Microworkers which I requested last November 29, 2010 will arrived this March! Sigh…

I do hope the mailing system in our place will be improved or else I’ll report them in “Bayan Mo i-Patrol Mo”….LOL….


  1. wala yang pagkaka iba dito sa Davao report na namin ang sa far, okay na ang delivery period nila hehe.

    si kat ni, ang ka date ni Vernz hehe

  2. Ireport mo na sis. Pagnanahimik ka lang walang mangyayari.

  3. @Kat: hehehe duol ra ta. panabo man ko. makasuya oi....

    @gingersnaps: hehehe.... i-report dyud. last time ana pud nahitabo sa ako nadaug na bag from Duni of Lovely Purses.


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