New Year Rituals

1. Putting God first. Amidst the noisy background, our family chose to stay still and silent while offering prayer to God 5 minutes before 2010 ends. Unlike Christmas there were only three of us left in the house since my siblings celebrate New Year in their respective homes.

God First

2. Lighting seven different colored candles. Seven is a significant number to my mama… Yay! I forgot to ask.

7 colored candles melted candles

Under the candles are prayer intention of my mother. If I only knew then I’d probably taken picture of it.

3. When the hour hand strikes to 12, mama and tatay rolled coins and 12 kiat kiat fruits from the main door, symbolizes more graces to come for the whole year.

Rollling coins and kiat2

4. Of course New Year celebration is not complete without the 12 round fruits. I love arranging fruits!


NO more jumping. LOL… I’m old and I know no matter how I jump high my height wouldn’t increase.

Anyway these are just rituals. We still believe that the success lies on our effort: hard work, perseverance plus prayers.


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