I was awakened with the loud chirping of bird one cold afternoon. And when I opened my two tired eyes there I found a bird freely flying in our room. Slowly I grabbed my camera and took a pic of it. I attempted at least eight then CAPTCHA!!! Got it! Got it!!! GOT ITTT!!! Yehey!

Bird Flying

Birds can freely play inside the house because of the open windows. One time I jokingly told my mother that I was like inside the convent, where we can only hear the rustling sounds of the winds and chirping of birds. Mama hates music! She only wants the sound of silence… LOL…..

I love to see the birds flying inside the house except that they left there dung on our bed… LOL….

BIrds Poo Hmmm… I’m wondering why they poop on one side only?


  1. oh no, poop! i'm sure you changed your sheets before going back to sleep right? =)

    would love to see you back at my blogs
    online journal
    my soltero baby

  2. @Rjs mama: of course. actually naka three bed sheets kami before we decided to close the windows na lang. hehehe


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