Update on PR Zero

Sorry if I deleted my Blogrolll. My page rank dropped to zero and Google ads are gone. I think I violated something. Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links on this site, http://mpr-spicesofmylife.blogspot.com/. And I’m figuring out how these things happened. I reverted to the old Minima template and deleted my chatbox. Hoping this will help. I guess exchanging link has something to do with this problem. I’ll just update you. (…sigh…)


  1. ooops, that's too bad. hope you can get the page rank soon.

  2. Pls have time to Vote my entry "Jigs - No One is 100% Free" as the BEST POST OF THE YEAR! I was one of the finalist on The Annual Kalsada Blog Awards in the Blogosphere...Here's the link: http://adodcespresso.com/taba-2010/taba-finalists/ THanks....."BEST POST OF THE YEAR ang category..Thanks Yan!

    JUst be positive!

  3. siguro iyon ay dahil nagpalit ka ng template..ganun kasi iyon..kapag nag iba ka ng template ng blog mo may mawawala sa side bar..sinubukan ko na iyan pero di ko tinuloy..preview ko muna at ng makita ko na may mawawala ay cancel ko..

  4. @Mayets: nakaklungkot nga eh. If di mabalik maybe I'll delete all my blogs and start a new one. huhu.

    @Jhiegzh: Cgi bro I'll check it and nominate you

    @Arvin. Hindi naman nawala yung sa google ads. everything are intact. I purposely delete chatbox, blogosphere page and google ads widget. Sa google ads kasi no ads na lumalabas na. Kainis talaga.

  5. http://adodcespresso.com/taba-2010/taba-finalists/

    Vote: Jigs-NO One is 100 Free

    Sana makuha mo ulit page rank mo ba!

  6. @Jhiegz: Voted you already.

    Sana nga mabalik na PR 3 ko. I'm so upset...

  7. http://jigzmoreinfo.blogspot.com/2010/07/no-one-is-100-free.html

    I think I leave a comment below the post of the Taba FInalists!

  8. @ahshiang: hopefully. I already sent a request for reconsideration for my site.


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