When to Consult a Dentist?

DSC01217 Baby Hannah needs to see the Dentist. See her two teeth in the lower part?

Often we overlook the need of dental care for infants. It’s in our mindset that baby’s teeth will be replaced with permanent. According to mychildrenschoice.com, a baby should be put into Pediatric Dental Care as early as the first tooth appears and no later than the child’s first birthday. Consultation to specialist will correct the misplaced growth of teeth and advise you the proper care and nutrition of teeth. Further, in case of orthodontic related problem, early treatment is better to avoid complication as the child grows older. Good set of teeth make difference: the way you speak, the way your face formed and the confidence that you have. 

When I learned about this, I really regretted because if only I have consulted the dentist as soon as I learned that my teeth misaligned then I wouldn’t have spent a big amount for my teeth braces. I can attest, psychologically my teeth affects my confidence. 


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