Personalized Calendar

Although it’s already mid-January our office still received calendars. Calendars are the usual give away of companies as a way of saying thank you for using their services. Which to the advantage of the company, the calendar give away also serves as an advertisement. You can see wall calendars with the big and bold companies’ name and logos in it.

Personalized calendars are also popular as a gift. You can have a standing desktop calendar, photo calendars, wall calendar, planner calendar with the photos of your love ones or you yourself printed on it. And when you are too busy with your work, glancing at your schedule in your planner will make you pause for a while. I bet it would draw your face a smile when you see the photos of your children smiling back at you.

Or if you are a frustrated model why not include your photos in your personalize wall calendar. Hang it and viola! You’re an instant hired model for your calendar. We cannot tell somebody might discover your potential as a model.

With the different photo editor now a days, personalizing is as easy as one, two, three. Adding with special effects you yourself can be a star, a gorgeous model for your personalized calendar.


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  2. naalala ko tuloy ang mga maliit noon na calendar na mga sexy pic ang naroon,hehe..


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